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Continue to grow 31 years we have established Angel Catering to be the top professional catering company with maximum facilities as Korean Communities grows.

Angel Catering began its journey in 1987 and is still growing after 29 years. We believe we have established Angel Catering to be the top professional Catering and services company with maximum facilities as demand for higher standards of food and event services grows.

  • We are capable of serving up to 8 thousand guests a day for events catering.
  • We offer the highest quality Korean Catering and Buffet you will experience.
  • Our cooking division has cooks that have worked at the five star hotels with 30 years of experience. With our master cooks, we have nutrient who brings qualities of the food that is also good for people’s health.
  • We also have marketing and operation divisions to run all the on going events successful.
  • We have over 50 workers to make sure your day will be success.
  • Unlike other catering companies we have official Food & Milk Health Dept. license. This is a special license for a catering company.

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